Thursday, April 24, 2014

Ransom Everglades Wins Florida Class A State Championship

The 2014 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships Girls A Division Champion Ransom Everglades added another accomplishment as they cruised to the Florida Class A State Championship. The championship was the Raiders second in the last three seasons. Ransom Everglades didn't achieve perfection at the state tournament, but they weren't far from it. The Raiders captured four of five singles divisions with wins by Allegra Hanlon, Claudia Mackenzie, Daniela Lopez and Heather Boehm. The pair of Hanlon & Lopez also went on to claim the No. 1 Doubles division.

“We came out extremely focused,” coach Peter Lehmann said. “We knew what the number was to clinch this thing, and the girls didn’t waste any time. They got it done in a hurry.”

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Ransom Everglades finished with a total of 19 points, just two points from a perfect 21 point sweep of the state tournament. The next closest opponent was American Heritage in a distant second place with 10 points. 

The Raiders will now send their three seniors Allegra Hanlon (Cornell), Claudia Mackenzie (Navy) and Lindsey Mendelson (Columbia) and off to play NCAA Division I tennis. Coach Lehman said "I can tell you that this is the best girls’ team I’ve ever coached."

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