Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tennessee Aquarium to Host 2015 Tournament Players Party

The Tennessee Aquarium located on the banks of the Tennessee River in beautiful downtown Chattanooga will play host to the 2015 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships Tournament Players Party. Come see for yourself why the Tennessee Aquarium has been rated the best Aquarium in America for overall guest satisfaction.

The 2015 Tournament Players Party will be hosted in the Aquarium's River Journey building. River Journey fascinates visitors with river otters, turtles, alligators, giant catfish and thousands of freshwater wonders. The Players Party will take place from 7-10 pm the Thursday evening prior to tournament play. Event admission for players, coaches and family members is $15 per person, and includes access to River Journey and a snack!

The Aquarium's River Journey building allows visitors to follow a drop of water on a 1,500 mile trek from Appalachian Highlands to the Gulf of Mexico, a journey made by water that falls in the Chattanooga area. Beginning as rain high in the Appalachian Mountains explore the flora and fauna of the unique cove environment, including live songbirds, fish and amphibians that might live in the mountains near Chattanooga. This area also includes the aquariums newest exhibit River Otter Falls, where furry, feisty and fun to watch North American River Otters romp around their spacious new multi-tiered home.

Descending on a ramp through the center of the aquarium, the “river” gets deeper at the bottom of re-creations of Nickajack Lake and Reelfoot Lake, two vastly different bodies of water on the Tennessee River. Your journey through the lakes will feature sunfish, bass, catfish, amphibians, turtles, birds and an array of other fish species. As you enter Discovery Hall, the Tennessee River joins the Ohio River in a swamp environment featuring prehistoric alligators and lake sturgeon that once ruled the land. Paddlefish and salamander abound, swimming to bluegrass music. Finally, our drop of water enters The Mississippi Delta in an exhibit called Delta Country. Through a river of cypress trees and swamps turtles and alligators live with bass and sunfish while herons eagerly patrol the shoreline.

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