Monday, January 22, 2018


YTEX is very pleased to be a sponsor for the 2018 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships presented by Icy Hot. We know that players selected for this event are the best of the best among high school players across the country and we strongly feel that each player should be rewarded for qualifying for this prestigious event. Although our sponsorship is normally awarded to a selected few, we've decided to award each participant in this year's DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships our Level 3 YTEX Sponsorship. 

The sponsorship will consist of:
1 x YTEX Dri-Fit T-shirt
1 x logo stencil
Wholesale pricing on all sets and reels
(T-shirt and stencil will be shipped with the reel order)

About YTEX:

YTEX was introduced in 2012 at the Miami Open in FL and now features with most of the US online retailers Tennis Warehouse; Tennis Express; Midwest Sports etc. We specializes in soft co-poly tennis strings manufactured in Germany but we also carry synthetic gut; multi-filament; microfiber; etc. in our line. Our Quadro Twist is the talk of the town and was rated #1 for spin on the market and #2 best string out of 157 strings tested by the RSI (Racquet Stringers Industry) play test team. 

If you are looking for a very soft co-poly easy on your arm...the Quadro Twist is the string for you! Our Square-x is also just as popular as soft co-poly but not twisted like the Quadro for more durability. For those players who don't break string often and still like their synthetics or multi-filament strings, you definitely want to try our YTEX Touch (multi-filament) comparable to sensation or Sintex Mint which is a very economical and durable synthetic gut string. If you have any questions about our strings, please contact:

Video clip on YTEX:

As sponsored player, you will now have access to our wholesale prices and can get as much string and apparel as you need for your tennis career. To begin your sponsorship with YTEX, please contact us today via email or phone to receive our catalog as well as sponsorship agreement. 

Contact: or Tel: 843-816-1440

Note: This offer is not available through our website so please contact us via email or phone. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our YTEX family!

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