Tuesday, February 13, 2018


High-Performance Spring Break & Summer Camp Programs 
Spring Break/Spring weeks: February 11th – May 27th, 2018 
Summer Camp weeks: June 3rd - August 18th, 2018

Dear Tennis Players & Coaches, 

The Evert Tennis Academy cordially invites you to attend its Spring Break and Summer Camp programs this season. The purpose of these camps is to enhance your tennis skills and prepare you for your biggest matches of the year.

Evert Tennis Academy clinics will focus on technical development, tactical training and competitive settings. Players will experience a typical Evert Tennis Academy program that includes tennis lessons, strength and fitness conditioning, mental conditioning and competitive match play against players from all over the world. Players will get a coach’s evaluation during their stay here at ETA to review at home. Coaches are welcome to bring their entire team and can participate in practice where they will be taught the Evert teaching philosophy. We have included a special $100 coupon for all the players who are attending the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships.

If you and interested in learning more about this special offer or about the Evert Tennis Academy programs please check us out at www.evertacademy.com or call us at 561-488-2001.

Space is limited so please contact us soon.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts and good luck to your teams!

The Evert Tennis Academy

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why the Evert Tennis Academy? You will be exposed to one of the best tennis academies in the world and we will focus on all aspects of the game including technical, tactical and strategical drills getting you ready for your season.

Who attends the camps at the Evert Tennis Academy? ETA will have various levels of players in attendance throughout your stay, which will include top-level nationally ranked players to high school player’s just looking fine tune their game. There will be level based play no matter what your skill sets are in both singles and doubles.

Do you or your school have to attend one of the weeks listed? No, if none of these dates works for you or your team the Evert Tennis Academy is happy to put together something custom for you.

Do you provide individual high performance tournament training? Yes, in fact we are one of the top academies in the country focusing on high performance training. You would have the opportunity to work alongside our full time students as they prepare for national level USTA, UTR and ITF tournaments. We will also provide match play in the afternoon against our full time students.

Do you provide 1:1 lessons? Yes, the ETA offers a “Developmental” program for individual students interested in a 1:1 lesson. This 45-minute lesson once per day replaces one of the 4:1 group lessons in our Full Day program. ETA also offers 1:1 private lessons in addition to any of our programs. For more information please visit us at www.evertacademy.com

What does a typical schedule look like and how much does it cost?

Rate Per Person
Full Day
Full Day Non-Boarding
Developmental    Non-Boarding
Spring Break (Feb 11th - May 27th)
$ 1,395


Summer Camp
(June 3rd-August 18th)



Typical Full Day Program During Spring Break & Summer Camps 

Monday – Friday includes: 
(times may vary by week or when academy school is in session

9:15am -9:30am – Warm up 

9:30am-11:30am – Tennis Drilling in a group up to 4 people 

11:30am-12:15am - Fitness/Mental Conditioning 

12noon-1:00pm – Lunch (provided) 

1:15pm-3:15pm – Match Play

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