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Coaches we want to give you an opportunity to GUARANTEE you spot in our 2018 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships presented by Icy Hot by sending your entry fee before October 1st. Please note that the entry fee for the 2018 tournament will be $375. If we have not received your entry fee by October 1st you will still be eligible to participate but only a select number of teams will be accepted into the event after that date.

You can send your entry fee for the event to HS Tennis Championships, 13611 Tennis Blvd, Louisville, KY 40272. If you would prefer to pay by credit card that is now an option. Please email us at and we will send you a digital invoice that can be paid by credit card. Once your entry fee has been received your team name will be added to the participant list on the tournament website.

Remember we will split all teams into 8-team divisions to ensure competitive match play throughout the event. Each team will be guaranteed 3 dual matches in tournament play with each match consisting on 6 singles and 3 doubles. In the event on extreme inclement weather which is out of our control we do have some indoor backup for the event and play will continue but the tournament reserves the right to adjust the format if necessary to accommodate the circumstances.

In the next week or so you will also begin seeing all the tournament hotel information on the tournament website ( If you have any questions regarding lodging please let us know so we can help you get your rooms reserved ASAP!

Key Changes for 2018

  • All participating teams will only be guaranteed 3 matches in tournament play. Teams will be split into 8 team divisions to allow for more competitive and balanced matches through all three rounds of tournament play.
  • Dual matches will use the nine-point match format in which all matches (singles & doubles) are worth 1 point. To win the dual a team must win 5 or more matches.

2018 Participant Interest Form
This form must be filled out by the school's head coach and submitted prior to November 1, 2017. This form is required to submit your interest in participating in the event. Without this form your team will NOT be considered for the 2018 DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships.

2018 Tournament Registration Form
This form must be filled out by the school's head coach and submitted prior to February 14, 2018. Please do NOT fill out this form until you have all necessary information for all players that will be attending the event.

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