Below are some testimonials that we have received from coaches that have participated in the event in the past:

"It's one of the biggest, most prestigious tournaments in the country" - Dustin Kane (Head Coach, Baylor School)

"As the parent of a child who participates in many USTA tournaments, I can say your tournament is one of my all-time favorites. I know it is a huge undertaking, but I was super-impressed with the organization. Baylor and Champions Club were great hosts! It was also great to see all the volunteers! The sponsors can be proud of the work you have done to represent them and the city of Chattanooga! I hope we are included in this great event next year!" -Parent of Participating Player


"Excellent city, tennis facilities, strength of competition and tournament staff is why I will be bringing my team back next year!" -Reece Morton (Head Coach, Huntsville High School)

"Nowhere else will you get the exposure to great competition from all over the country." -Buffy Baker (Head Coach, Harpeth Hall School)


"This is the best high school tournament! It allows for great competition against schools you would not have an opportunity to play otherwise which is invaluable learning experience for the players. Plus great facilities, great city , and great organization makes this the best event possible!" -Chris Mather (Head Coach, Trinity High School)

"This tournament is one of the highlights of our season. It really helps develop our players into a unified team. The format and atmosphere make it an extremely exciting and competitive event." -Brian Bogert (Head Coach, Heritage Hall School)

"Great event, well run and the format allows for your team to play multiple players on your roster. Chattanooga is an excellent location with great tournament sites, good hotels and plenty of good restaurants." -Mark Bran (Head Coach, Saint George's Independent School)


"This is an excellent tournament for top level teams who are interested in competing in a college-format. It is terrific start to the season and gives every athlete a competitive experience. It is well-run and my team enjoyed the experience." -Josh Leighton (Head Coach, Deerfield High School)

“I am very excited this prestigious tournament has found its way to Chattanooga. Teams from all over the eastern and mid-west part of the nation will be here to play. With the nice tennis facilities and an amazing, vibrant downtown, I believe the players will love coming here to play.” -Eric Voges (Head Coach, McCallie School)

“We have enjoyed playing in the DecoTurf tournament in Louisville three of the past four years. The competition is fantastic with teams arriving from all over the country. It is so exciting it will now be in Chattanooga.” -Sue Bartlett (Head Coach, Girls Preparatory School)

"DecoTurf is a professionally run tournament with a great format. The tournament was an awesome opportunity to play some of the best players and teams in the country. I hope we have the opportunity to play in the future!" -Zach Frisch (Head Coach, Rockhurst High School)

"My guys really use this tournament to come together and learn to play for each other. Thanks for the opportunity to let my guys find who they are as a team." -Jimmy Pitkanen (Head Coach, Webb School of Knoxville)

"I loved competing in your tournament these past 4 years and I'm gonna miss it next year!" -Doug Small (Player, Barron Collier High School)

"Thank you so much for directing an incredible event for high school tennis players. The opportunity to participate in the DecoTurf High School Tennis Team Championships is definitely one of the highlights of our season. We look forward to competing in your illustrious event for years to come." -Dave Lipe (Head Coach, Edwardsville High School)

“It was great for all of us, in the state there is definitely some good competition, but you don’t see the depth in the competition you see in those types of tournaments. That’s why we’re getting better, because we had to grind through that competition.” -Ryan Massinople (Player, George Washington High School)

“The DecoTurf tournament was a great experience for the kids because they got to experience high-level tennis and it put them into a college-type atmosphere.” -Chris Luckett (Head Coach, George Washington High School)

"Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful tournament. Our team had an amazing time and the chance to make memories for a lifetime. It was a great experience for them." -Kasey Hammaway (Director of Tennis, Pine Crest School)

"The level of that many teams in one event is outstanding and we are a better team for it. You are playing an instrumental role in helping improve high school tennis. I appreciate your efforts to not only promote but further the development of these student athletes." -Buffy Baker (Head Coach, Harpeth Hall)

"You ran a great tourney. I have played in National age USTA events that didn’t come close to the DECO. Please invite us next year." -Wood McGraw (Head Coach, South Oldham High School)

"Thanks again for a great tournament! My players enjoyed it and, as usual, the competition was top notch!" - Sam Mugavero (Head Coach, Woodward Academy)

"The DecoTurf National High School Championship is the best run tournament we have ever played in with by far the deepest field. Our players really relish the challenge of facing off against the best high school teams across the country and competing against some of their USTA national rivals. There is nothing better than an early season road-trip to bring the team closer together and kick of the season on a positive note" -Tad Eckert (Head Coach, New Trier High School)

"You run a great tournament. The competition is second to none. This tournament has become the top tourney on our schedule outside our State Championship. The tourney brings in the most diverse schools, from across the country, of any we participate in. Love the college format. We will always play this one, assuming we are good enough." -Kerry Lancaster (Head Coach, Saint Xavier High School)

“The Deco Turf Team Championship is one of the premier events of the year for High School tennis. It brings together the best of the best for a team tournament that has no rival in High School tennis nationwide. We were lucky enough to participate in the event this year and could not have been more pleased with the professionalism of the tournament coordinators. From the quality of the courts to the great goody-bags to the fine hotels it is a first- rate tournament. We are coming back next year for sure.” -John Naisbitt (Head Coach, Hinsdale Central High School)